Gorey School of Art is proudly supported by O'Doherty Warren Solicitors

At O’Doherty Warren Solicitors we advise employers and employees in respect of a range of employment matters (both contentious and non-contentious). This involves the drafting of employment contracts, advising on queries regarding rights and entitlements, termination of employment , transfer or sale of businesses and representation before relevant tribunals.

The need for employers and employees to make themselves aware of the increasing body of legislative developments has never been greater, with social partnership between the government and unions having resulted in a myriad of employment legislation dealing with holidays, maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave, short term working, protection against discrimination on the basis of religion, race, ethnic background, gender, age or sexual orientation. 

The new Workplace Relations Act 2015, which came into effect in October 2015 has changed the entire landscape and consequently expert professional advice is essential.